Established on April 10, 1997. Nusa Mahsuri Basminton Club is the first badminton club established in Malaysia. Led by Sidek Bersaudara who has made Malaysia famous in the badminton arena, not only in the country but also internationally. They are Misbun Sidek, Razif Sidek, Jalani Sidek, Rahman Sidek and Rashid Sidek. The club acts as a service provider of experts who will share their expertise in coaching badminton players. From within and outside the country, it also forms the image that Malaysia is the best training center in producing champions in the world of badminton.


1. To be a professional badminton center or academy in guiding potential players, both from within and outside the country to be featured as world-class players.

2.  Acting as a consultant is also an advisor to any club, school, university or sports organization that requires badminton expertise, especially related to preparatory training in forming a strong lineup of players.

3.  As a container connector in unearthing new talents at the grassroots level Nusa Mahsuri Club also plays a role in providing expert services in assisting the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and the Badminton Association of the States in Malaysia towards the development of badminton itself.




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